Anita Pollack

Anita Pollack


Anita authored many papers and articles during her time as MEP. Those listed below were written since then. Full versions of the articles (in PDF) can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the image-links on the left of the titles.

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'Our Europe Not Theirs' by Julian Priestley and Glyn Ford EPFMA Bulletin, 56, September 2016

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'Nature needs the EU too' Chartist Referendum Special 2016 p5

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'On the comeback trail for the Euro elections?' Tribune, 14 April 2014, p16

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'A stitch-up in time for Euro poll 2014' Tribune, 3 May 2013, p11

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1. 'Be proud of the work of our MEPs' Letter, with others; The Guardian, Thursday 23rd February 2012
2.'European parliament should be abolished, says Jack Straw' Patrick Wintour. The Guardian, Tuesday 21st February 2012

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'Marchez à Gauche' Chartist, No. 255, March/April, 2012

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'Tantalizing on Europe': Book review of “EUROPE: THE UNFINISHED PROJECT” by Frank Lee. Chartist May/June 2011 p27

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'Divided they fall' (on ‘Wreckers or Builders?’) Compass November 10, 2009

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'So what is Europe for?' Chartist September/October 2004, p12

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Make European Law work' New Ground, Spring 2004, Issue 66, p13/14

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'A new European directive on strategic environmental impact assessments'. The Institute of Field Archaeologists yearbook and directory 2003, p22

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'My Newham: European outlook' The Newham Magazine November 2002, p9

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'Conservation is over-rated' (on VAT). Green Futures, November/December 2002, p27

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'Amicus women aim to top Euro lists' Amicus/MSF Works, Autumn 2002, p20

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'Proper childcare in infancy' Tribune, 28 June 2002, p8

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'Labour’s star'’ (A tribute to Barbara Castle) Chartist, July-August 2002 p26

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‘A fridge too far' Chartist, March-April 2002 p28

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‘Mind the gap: regeneration funds at risk' European Information Service, March 2002 Issue 228

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‘Planet Earth on Critical Overload' Chartist, October/November 1999, p22/23

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'Memorandum to Parliamentary Select Committee on Environmental Audit' Appendix 1, Environmental Audit - First Report, Select Committee on Environmental Audit. HMSO 1999. [Full Report viewable HERE]

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Contributor to 'My Place, Historic European Parks and their Communities', published in 2006 in England, Germany, Poland and Netherlands, ISBN 83-922906-2-3