Anita Pollack

Anita Pollack

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Gallery 3 - Second MEP term

Anita welcomes Glenys Kinnock

Starry days

Anita welcomes Glenys Kinnock
to the European Parliamentary Labour Party in 1994

With Joan Ruddock

Anti nuclear

Anita with Joan Ruddock MP in Strasburg 1995,
protesting against the French tests in South Pacific

Green Political Award 1995

Green MEP

Anita with her first Green Political Award 1995

With Tony Blair

Battersea 1995

Anita and Tony Blair are speakers
at a conference on youth unemployment

Celebrating racial harmony

Celebrating racial harmony

Anita dons a sari to open her exhibition of Merton Asian womenís Mughal banners in the European Parliament, Brussels, 1996

Voting in Strasbourg

Still voting

The most important activity in Strasbourg. This session, on the future of the EU, took three hours to complete

Leghold traps must go

Leghold traps must go

Barbara Castle, Anita (President of Animal Welfare Intergroup), Katy at an exhibition, show the horrors of leghold trapping

Fighting air pollution

Fighting air pollution

Campaigning with Merton Friends of the Earth in Wimbledon, 1996

Islamabad 1997

Islamabad 1997

Chair of South Asia delegation
plants a tree in garden of Pakistanís Parliament

Visit to India Development Group (Jeevika Trust)

Tree planted

Anita planted this tree on a visit to India Development Group (Jeevika Trust) training school, Uttar Pradesh, 1997

With the King of Bhutan

Royal visit

Anita with some of her delegation,
being received by the King of Bhutan, 1997

Labourís BSE team

End the beef ban

Labourís BSE team, David Thomas, Phillip Whitehead and Anita welcome Agriculture Minister Jack Cunningham to Brussels, 1998

With John Hume and his Nobel Peace Prize

Itís an honour

Pauline Green, Leader of the Socialist Group, and Anita
congratulate John Hume on his Nobel Peace Prize, 1998

Anita launches her report calling for strict pollution limits

A British Presidency Priority 1998

Anita launches her report calling for strict pollution limits on ambient air pollution

Tea pickers in Bangladesh

Anyone for tea?

Speaking to tea pickers about their living conditions
in Bangladesh during a Parliamentary delegation in 1998

Visiting training projects in India

Visiting a tree

Anita re-visits the tree she planted in India
whilst visiting village education and employment training projects

With Bangladesh Prime Minister after disastrous floods

Bangladesh Prime Minister

Shortly after disastrous floods in Bangladesh, a delegation
met Sheik Hasina Wazed, then Prime Minister, in Dhaka 1998

Supporting Britainís World Cup bid 2006

Supporting Britainís World Cup bid 2006

l-r Mark Watts, Bobby Charlton, Peter Skinner, Anita Pollack, in Strasbourg 1999 help with the campaign publicity