Anita Pollack

Anita Pollack

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"Wreckers or Builders?"


"Wreckers or Builders is an extraordinary work"

Uhr, John, DeGregorio, Christine, Scully, Roger, Westlake, Martin, Mair, Peter and Dai, Xiudian, (2010) 'Book Reviews', The Journal of Legislative Studies, 16: 2, 268 276

"Anita Pollack has produced a fascinating, gossipy memoir"

Cassidy, Brian. (2009) 'Book Review: Wreckers or Builders?' Former Members' Bulletin, European Parliament. No. 29. December 2009.

"Anita Pollack has served the EPLP well"

Ford, Glyn (2009) 'Confusing party members, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and other stories from twenty years of the European Parliament' Tribune. 11 December 2009, p25.

"Pollack avoids the trap of being relentlessly on-message"

Rankin, Jennifer (2009) 'Labour MEPs' petty rows and punch-ups' European Voice. 3 October 2009.

"Anita Pollack has produced a serious account of these twenty years, but a readable one nonetheless. Her scholarship is to be much admired"

Tongue, Carole (2010) 'A view from the inside'. Chartist. January/February 2010, p29.