Anita Pollack

Anita Pollack

Wreckers or Builders?

"Wreckers or Builders?"


The scene

Golden years. Labour bigger than Conservatives, working positively in Europe for the first time. A more tranquil and constructive term under new leadership. Fall of the Berlin Wall and enlargement ahead. EMU and Black Wednesday. Coal still a problem. Some CAP reform. Thatcher replaced but Labour loses general election against John Major. Kinnock bows out to John Smith. Hoon helps on Maastricht. Opt out for UK on Social Chapter. Maastricht Treaty increases powers of Parliament. Delors II. Labour in policy power bids. The Gulf War. Pensioners’ Parliaments. Motorbike rumbles. EFTA and the EEA. Three more MEPs to Westminster. The rise of Pauline Green.