Anita Pollack

Anita Pollack

The Forgotten Tribe: British MEPs 1979-2020

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The Forgotten Tribe:
British MEPs 1979 - 2020

Editors: Dianne Hayter and David Harley

ISBN 978-1-7391436-0-2

Inevitably any account of the work of British MEPs will be coloured by the simple, sombre fact of how the story ended. As Christopher Tugendhat so aptly writes: "Now that Britain is no longer a member, it is as if the waves have closed over them, a sad ending to the high hopes and expectations that were expressed at the time of the first direct elections in 1979." Nonetheless, during the years of British membership, many British MEPs did make a positive and enduring contribution. As Ivan Rogers puts it: "The EU as a whole benefitted hugely from the expertise, the wisdom, the breadth, the temperament, the professionalism, the humour and even the constructive healthy scepticism of so many good British MEPs over the decades. Those contributions won't be forgotten, and the imprint on what the EU has now become is indelible."

MY CONTRIBUTIONS are on Barbara Castle (page 121) and Ken Collins (page 126).